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Our Boarding

At the core of Potter Ranch lies a deep commitment to the welfare of horses. We recognize that horses are not simply pets; they are cherished companions, athletes, and sources of joy for their owners. Guided by this understanding, our care philosophy revolves around three key principles: expert horse management, personalized attention, and transparent billing.

Expert Horse Management: Our team consists of seasoned equestrian professionals who possess the knowledge, expertise, and dedication needed to ensure that every horse entrusted to us receives top-notch care. From nutrition and health to training and exercise, we adhere to industry-leading standards to promote the physical and emotional well-being of our equine residents.

Personalized Attention: We understand that each horse is unique, with their own set of needs and preferences. We take great pride in providing tailored care for each individual horse at Potter Ranch. Whether it's customized dietary plans, specialized medical attention, or unique exercise routines, we cater to the specific requirements of each horse to ensure their comfort and happiness.

We believe in transparency when it comes to our operations to ensure that our clients understand the level of care their horses receive. Each horse boarding with us is treated as an individual, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pricing. Factors such as feed requirements, bedding changes, and specialized care plans all contribute to the overall cost of boarding. While our pricing reflects fair market rates for hay, feed, bedding, and labor, we also take into account the unique needs of each horse. Everyday, a form is filled out indicating how many pounds of hay was given, how many pounds of feed and which type, how much labor went into your horse, all of its expenses so that when you get an invoice its very easy to audit our efforts. These charges fluctuate between seasons and other activites.

In addition to our comprehensive care plans, we provide a range of amenities for our boarders, including 24/7 surveillance cameras in each stall for owners to check in on their horses at any time. While we may not be the least expensive boarding option, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled service and consistency. At Potter Ranch, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for every horse that calls our facility home.

Understanding Horse Ownership

Owning a horse offers companionship, emotional connection, and health benefits through outdoor activities. It fosters a sense of achievement, learning, and a deeper connection to nature, while also providing a community of fellow enthusiasts. However, it demands a substantial financial commitment for feed, veterinary care, and equipment, along with a significant investment of time and effort for daily care and exercise. Owners bear responsibility for the horse's health, welfare, and safety, requiring a long-term commitment to their well-being. Thus, while rewarding, horse ownership necessitates careful consideration of both its pleasures and responsibilities. When considering a horse boarding facility, be sure to ask questions. No one expects to get rich off horse boarding, but no one wants to lose money taking care of someone else horse either. There are some non-profits that offer this but we for profit small businesses require stability.

At Potter Ranch we are likely the most exclusive horse boarding operation in upstate New York. The reason why is we provide the exact same quality of care whether your horse in our stall or in our pasture. Their care is our only concern. We don't boast a sprawling equestrian center with fancy lounges or chandeliers or acres of trails or private dressing rooms. We are a modest boutique operation providing the highest level of care. Each boarder submits an application so we can determine the cost of their boarding. No two horses are the same and therefore neither is their care.

Let us explain the average costs of caring for a horse.

• Hay Feed: Quality Hay (Timothy, Orchard, Alfalfa, Oat, Legume, Bermuda, and Clover) Timothy Hay is our preference and 1st cutting, at $75 per 100lbs bail ($0.75 per lb) most horses consume 15-20lbs of hay per day. ($11.25-$15.00) Day ($338-$450) Month - this is an average. Orchard Hay can be as little as $10 per 45lb bail. But the quality compared to Timothy is also very different. You get what you pay for.

• Pellet Feed: Quality Feed can't only be hay. We supplement each horses diet with a quality pellet feed and we use Nutrina™. We stock three types: SafeChoice™, SafeChoice™ for Senior and Pro Force™ all cost roughly $49.00 per 50lb bag. Each horse consumes one 50lb bag per month.

• Bedding: To maximize our costs and your savings, without compromising the horses comfort, we elect to use Fine Shavings and Pellets. The combination of these two products allows us to change bedding every other day. Typically two, 20lbs bags of Fine Shavings cost roughly $7.50 a bag ($15.00). Pellets come in a 40lbs bag for $6.99 Since we use a combination we estimate that we're using $0.65 per lbs at 30lbs $19.50 every other day. ($19.50 x 15days) ($292.50 per month)

• Insurance: At Potter Ranch we have a multi-million dollar general liability policy. ($700.00 per month)

• Water is free, almost free we have well but the water purification system we use is expensive to maintain. We also have a water heater so that your horse gets a warm bath every week and showers when needed.

• Our staff aren't just ranch hands, they have professional experience and they are paid a higher then NY minimum wage to insure that your horse gets quality care.


So we require an application from every potential board so that we can learn about your horse and create a custom care plan. If this sound like the qaulity of care you want for your horse, then please click the button below Submit Horse Board Application and Madison Devlin will contact you for a tour.

Our Boarding Options




• Feed:  24/7 Timothy Hay (non-alfalfa blend)

Choice of:

2x day nutrena proforce horse feed

2x day nutrena safechoice horse feed (all like stages)

2x day nutrena safechoice horse feed (senior blend)

• Water: 24 access to purified water

• Stall: Fine Shaving

• 2 Water buckets

• 1 Feed pan

• Hay feeder

• Stall blankets optional

• Fly sheets optional

• Security: Stall camera 24hr access

• Heat/ac: heat during the winter months

• De-humidification / AC during the summer months

• Turnout: everyday weather permitted

• Turnout blanket provided

• Grooming: full bath each week non-winter

• PM grooming when switching from outdoor to indoor

• Daily grooming during winter months


Pasture Boarding

• Feed:  24/7 timothy orchard (non-alfalfa blend)

Choice of:

2x day nutrena proforce horse feed

2x day nutrena safechoice horse feed (all like stages)

2x day nutrena safechoice horse feed (senior blend)

• Water: 24 access to purified water

• Hay feeder

• Blanket optional

• Fly sheet optional

• Grooming: full bath each week non-winter

• Daily grooming during winter months

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